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What Responsible Gambling Measures Does Live Casino Philippines Promote?

Responsible Gambling Measures Promoted by Live Casino Philippines – FC188

Providing a thrilling casino experience, Live Casino in the Philippines has turned into an entertainment hotspot for gambling enthusiasts. FC188, a prominent player in the live casino realm, is making waves in the market by offering exciting live casino games such as live casino blackjack, baccarat live casino, Fan-Tan live casino, casino hold ’em, and the crowd favorite – mega ball live casino.

However, FC188 doesn’t just aim to offer fun and entertainment; they also promote responsible gambling measures to ensure a safe and ethical gaming experience for its players. This article explores those measures in detail.

Responsible Gambling Measures by FC188 Live Casino in the Philippines:

1. Identification and Verification:

FC188 ensures that all players on their platforms, including the live casino app, are of legal age. They adopt stringent identification and verification processes to prevent underage gambling, complying with international standards and national guidelines of the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.

2. Self-exclusion Policy:

Staying true to promoting responsible gambling, FC188 enables players to exclude themselves from specific games or entirely from the platform. This move exhibits the intent of FC188 to prevent addictive gambling behavior, ensuring that the fun aspect of the game doesn’t transition into an unhealthy habit.

3. Informative Content:

FC188 believes in informing players about the potential risks of excessive online gambling. From sharing information on live casino online real money to articles and blogs on safe gambling practices, FC188 aims to educate gamblers while they enjoy live casino games.

Live Casino Platforms and Games 2023 on FC188:

1. Prominent Games and platforms:

FC188 offers a variety of riveting games, such as live casino roulette and live casino Crazy Time. Exciting bundles such as live casino mega-ball bingo keep players engaged while ensuring responsible gambling measures are in place. FC188 has strategic tie-ups with Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, WM Casino, and SA Gaming.

2. State-of-the-art Casinos:

 FC188 Live Casino offers high-tech platforms where players can experience unique and innovative games like Dragon Live Casino.

Gambling Expansion Plans for FC188:

1. Philippines 2023 Expansion:

With its increasing popularity in the PhilippinesFC188 plans to expand its live casino online and other gambling services to the Philippines in 2023. This move aims to offer a first-hand experience of FC188’s various live casino games, ensuring Vietnamese gamblers enjoy a secure and responsible gambling environment.

2. Advent of Evolution Live Casino:

In its quest to offer an unmatched live casino experience, FC188 plans to introduce evolution live casino games. This move is expected to infuse fresh energy into existing gambling games, offering more choices to players.


FC188 has set a benchmark in the industry for responsible gambling measures while offering players memorable trusted live casinos with real money experiences. The platform’s approach towards player safety and well-being is commendable, making it a preferred platform for gambling enthusiasts in the Philippines for 2023.

Never forget, while immersing yourself in the enticing world of live casino games, always keep responsible gambling practices in mind for a healthy and fun experience.

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