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How Do I Know That The Games On Live Casino Philippines Are Fair?

Ensuring Game Fairness in Live Casino Philippines: How You Can Be Confident

As online gambling continues to flourish in the Philippines, concerns about the fairness of online games, particularly those offered by Live Casino Philippines, are rising. Many players are questioning the integrity of the games, concerned about potentially rigged results.

Thus, analyzing how players can ensure these games’ fairness is crucial. Thais article aims to shed light on this issue, offering an in-depth understanding of the measures to guarantee fair play for everyone in the casino’s virtual room.

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Reliable Live Casino Licensing in the Philippines 

The initial step in guaranteeing the equity of the online games offered by Live Casino Philippines is looking at the licensing status of the casino. It is a determining factor for the trustworthiness of any online casino platform.

Operating under international gambling licenses from organizations like the Malta Gambling Authority and the Philippines Gambling Commission is FC188 Live Casino Philippines., which imposes stringent regulations to ensure that players are treated fairly.

These licenses require regular audits from independent bodies, which check the correctness of the casino’s games, ensuring the outcomes are arbitrary and not rigged. Any discrepancies discovered during these audits can lead to substantial penalties for the casinos, including license revocation.

Random Number Generators

Another factor indicating game fairness in the Live Casino Philippines is using Random Number Generators (RNGs).

Third-Party Game Suppliers 2024

Most people may not recognize that many games on the Live Casino Philippines are not made by the casino but are supplied by reputable third-party companies like FC188.

Companies such as NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, and Pragmatic Play are globally recognized for their high-quality games, and they are also licensed and audited separately to ensure game fairness. FC188 develops casino games with built-in RNGs and offers detailed game rules and payout percentages.

Transparent Game Rules and Payout Percentages

Live Casino Philippines maintains transparency of gameplay to ensure fairness. They openly publish the rules and payout percentages for all WM Casino games. Microgaming Casinos licensed by reputed commissions must display their payout percentages or Return to Player (RTP) rates so players know their gambling odds.

Player Protection Bodies

Finally, player protection bodies significantly contribute to the fairness certification of online casinos such as Live Casino Philippines. Authorization reports from regulatory bodies like eCOGRA, iTech Labs, and Gaming Labs are often displayed on the online casino’s website. These organizations conduct independent audits and publish payout percentages to ensure that the stated RTP stats of an online casino match the actual gaming results.


In conclusion, Live Casino Philippines, just like any trustworthy online casino, relies heavily on international gaming licenses, RNGs, reputable game suppliers, transparency in-game rules, and player protection bodies to guarantee fair gameplay for their players. By considering these factors, players can confidently participate in these casinos, assured of their chances of winning — or losing — being genuinely based on luck.

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